Schwab writes history

Schwab is a traditional brand of high quality concealed systems and solutions based on decades of experience.

Schwab was built in Pfullingen.The product programe consisted of doors and frames produced only from the waste wood of toilet seats.

Since 1945
The second world war influenced the supply of wood, so Charles Schwab made a strategic move through change in the production from wood to plastics. As a result of this change, the company renamed from Schwab to "Schwab plastic plumbing".

Schwab extended its product range with visible cisterns made ​​of polystyrene.

Schwab extended product range to concealed cisterns. This was followed by a further development to the mechanically operated box, which is compared to the semi-mechanical cisterns substantially more reliable. As an innovator in this field, Schwab made a patent protection of all internal parts of the cisterns.

Schwab started with the production of dry installation elements. This has  become the most important pillar in the Schwab portfolio.


Schwab sanitary plastic is sold to the Swiss Georg Fischer Corporation and closes under the name Georg Fischer Schwab initially with the Frankish pipe works together for a Germany-wide distribution network.

October 2003

Georg Fischer Schwab solves this joint venture for strategic reasons and divides the sales network throughout Germany in the Pfullinger production company. That same year, the toilet seat production ceased.

March 2006
Georg Fischer Schwab GmbH & Co. KG in Pfullingen was purchased by the parent company Arques.

December 2006
E. Missel GmbH & Co. KG and Georg Fischer Schwab GmbH merged.

February 2008
Missel GmbH became part of Slovenian Kolektor group.

Since January 2014

Kolektor group adjusted to market situation and its strategic directions, resulting with selling the sanitary business to strategic partner in the sanitary industry, company Fluidmaster Inc. for which the acquisition represents another important way to serve both existing and prospective customers in Europe and beyond.

Today, with its product line, Schwab operates internationally with customers in more than 20 countries worldwide.
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